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Future is everything that past has forgotten.

Soren Aabye Kirkegaard - Future
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Quotes Definitions:

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Robert Serban

Poetry is an excellent game of imagination and intelligence. The more you are in possession of a more serious account in Bank of Imagination and Intelligence, more spectacular the game is.

Definition: Poetry | Author: Robert Serban |  
Costel Zagan

Every silence performs its own swan song. Costel Zăgan from Inventeme , translated by Dan Costinaş

Definition: Silence | Author: Costel Zagan |  
Cornelia Linzner

It is not enough to think, you have to act accordingly, to make dreams come true… DE: Es reicht nicht aus zu denken, man muss entsprechend handeln, um Träume zu verwirklichen…

Definition: Dream | Author: Cornelia Linzner |  
Cornelia Linzner

The unconditional love needs love, to endure indefinitely against time. Die bedingungslose Liebe braucht Liebe, um der Zeit unbegrenzt Stand zu halten.

Definition: Love story | Author: Cornelia Linzner |  
Cornelia Linzner

“The ability to love truly and innocuous is a more mature stage of development of some person. This unfolds the multidimensional life meaning.” „Die Fähigkeit wahrhaft und unschädlich zu lieben ist...

Definition: Love story | Author: Cornelia Linzner |  
Cornelia Linzner

Love is not love, if such exists just for a body. Die Liebe ist keine Liebe, wenn es nur für den Körper ist.

Definition: Love | Author: Cornelia Linzner |  
Cyril Vernon Connolly

Literature is the art of writing something that will be read twice;the journalism is art of what is read once.

Definition: Literature | Author: Cyril Vernon Connolly |  
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.

Definition: Olderness | Author: Stanislaw Jerzy Lec |  
Victor Hugo

Books are cold friends, but reliable.

Definition: Books | Author: Victor Hugo |  
Tudor Arghezi

Politeness is a delicacy and a need for distance.

Definition: Politeness | Author: Tudor Arghezi |  
Soren Aabye Kirkegaard

Future is everything that past has forgotten.

Definition: Future | Author: Soren Aabye Kirkegaard |  
Anatole France

The irony is the cheerfulnessof thinking and the joy of wisdom.

Definition: Irony | Author: Anatole France |  

Freedom is the most honest test of human character.

Definition: Liberty | Author: Valeria Mahoc |  
Cornelia Linzner

A family can define itself as family through mutual feelings, not necessarily through a blood connection. Eine Familie kann sich als Familie durch gegenseitige Gefühle definieren, nicht unbedingt...

Definition: Family | Author: Cornelia Linzner |  
Cornelia Linzner

The fight for survival shows us the true face of the people our time: that oft the righteous, pure in their heart and that of the grabbing, who have lost their soul (Cornelia Linzner). DE: Der...

Definition: To struggle | Author: Cornelia Linzner |  
Herman Jacob Mankiewicz

Old age ... it is the only disease you don't look forward to being cured of.

Definition: Olderness | Author: Herman Jacob Mankiewicz |  
Cornelia Linzner

Bad words, lies and myths without credibility tell you the people, whose envy, jealousy and malic are larger than their mind. DE: Böse Worte, Lügen und Märchen ohne Gleubwürdigkeit sagen Ihnen...

Definition: Character | Author: Cornelia Linzner |  
Cornelia Linzner

All of presentable arts stands uninhibited, in revealed perfection. Comparable can a person be completely, but not without shyness exposed. DE: Alles an ansehnlicher Kunst steht ohne Hemungen in...

Definition: Art | Author: Cornelia Linzner |  
Sfantul Augustin de Hipona

Beauty is indeed a good gift of God; but that the good may not think it a great good, God dispenses it even to the wicked.

Definition: Beauty | Author: Sfantul Augustin de Hipona |  
Alecu Russo

Homeland is theremembrance of childhood days... The song for Romania

Definition: Homeland | Author: Alecu Russo |  
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305 definitions