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I liked working in Germany and Austria. The money was...

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Celebrations, 21 aug:
Toma CaragiuWas born Toma Caragiu.
Jules MicheletWas born Jules Michelet.
Geaza SzocsWas born Geaza Szocs.
Florin OncescuWas born Florin Oncescu.
Jean de RotrouWas born Jean de Rotrou.
Commemorations, 21 aug:
Eugen JebeleanuHas died Eugen Jebeleanu.

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Literary circle, Publication, Cornelia Linzner
Two...07 sep 2016

Two… "The Wisdom goes an slowly step, softly whispering with the love, in values forward ever absorbed , hidden - is nothing to them. They know well to behave, they looking behind surfaces, they can gently and persistently - determine the time "....

Published by Cornelia Linzner | Category: Poetry | Views: 1 | Rank: 10.00 |  
Literary circle, Publication, Cornelia Linzner
Time... day by day16 apr 2016

Out of time The time goes on - off down, like a strange telephone. The future is a clock, that wakes me up in the morning, that one time takes off in the present-day. My dream is the man without lies, with love just for me; the man that I wish near me,...

Published by Cornelia Linzner | Category: Poetry | Views: 5 | Rank: 10.00 |  
Literary circle, Publication, Costel Zăgan
Inventeme28 feb 2016

Every silence performs its own swan song. aphorismby Costel Zăgan from Inventeme , translated by Dan Costinaș

Published by Costel Zăgan | Category: Diverse | Views: 2 | Rank: 10.00 |  
Quote20 feb 2014

"War is created by people who are too old to fight for those who are too young to die." ~ Vikrant Parsai

Published by Vikrant Parsai | Category: Prose | Views: 0 | Rank: 0.00 |  
Literary circle, Publication, Anuj Somany
Quote Divorce09 sep 2012

Divorce the past to marry the present and be blessed with a lovely child of future. Anuj Somany

Published by Anuj Somany | Category: Diverse | Views: 73 | Rank: 10.00 |  
Literary circle, Publication, Right Words
The Work16 may 2012

The Work is not made for humans!

Published by Right Words | Category: Diverse | Views: 11 | Rank: 10.00 |