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Your battles inspired me - not the obvious material...

James Joyce - Unclasified
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Celebrations, 18 nov:
Corneliu BabaWas born Corneliu Baba.
Was born Apostol Gurau.
Margaret AtwoodWas born Margaret Atwood.
Pierre BayleWas born Pierre Bayle.
Was born Nina Vasile.
Commemorations, 18 nov:
Marcel ProustHas died Marcel Proust.
Niels BohrHas died Niels Bohr.
Paul ÉluardHas died Paul Éluard.

Quotes about Idea by Franz Seraphicus Grillparzer

About author

Franz Seraphicus Grillparzer, Austrian dramatic poet

Franz Seraphicus Grillparzer
Was born on: 15 Jan 1791. Died on 21 Jan 1872, at 81 years old.
Origin country: Austria
Biography: -- more details

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Quotes about Idea, Franz Seraphicus Grillparzer

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