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Future is everything that past has forgotten.

Soren Aabye Kirkegaard - Future
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Celebrations, 20 oct:
Arthur RimbaudWas born Arthur Rimbaud.
Constantin DramWas born Constantin Dram.
Thomas HughesWas born Thomas Hughes.
Was born Ion Balu.
Was born Pompiliu Marcea.
Alphonse AllaisWas born Alphonse Allais.
Ioan GrigorescuWas born Ioan Grigorescu.
Was born Vlad Georgescu.
Arthur BuchwaldWas born Arthur Buchwald.
Commemorations, 20 oct:

Quotes about Humility

Authors quotes about humility

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Quotes about Humility

A man hit in the face is irreparably humiliated and...
Quote by: Leonida Neamtu (1934 - 1992) | Theme: Humility
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