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There's one good kind of writer...a dead one.

James Thomas Farrell - Literature
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Celebrations, 25 sep:
Lu XunWas born Lu Xun.
Simion PopWas born Simion Pop.
Panait CernaWas born Panait Cerna.
Was born Catalin Anuta.
Was born Petru Cardu.
Was born Mihai Giugariu.
Commemorations, 25 sep:
Eugenio d'OrsHas died Eugenio d'Ors.
M. Scott PeckHas died M. Scott Peck.

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Quotes about Activity

Shimon Peres
After my activities in the youth movement I returned to...
Quote by: Shimon Peres (1923) | Theme: Activity
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George Pataki
We have been actively trying to have New York City host...
Quote by: George Pataki (1945) | Theme: Activity
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