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Man is created from inferno and paradise, from body and...

Sorin Cerin - Human
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Celebrations, 28 oct:
Ilarion CiobanuWas born Ilarion Ciobanu.
ColucheWas born Coluche.
Bill GatesWas born Bill Gates.
Was born Silvia Celac.
Julia RobertsWas born Julia Roberts.
Evelyn WaughWas born Evelyn Waugh.
Was born Ion Margineanu.
Brad PaisleyWas born Brad Paisley.
Joseph BarthWas born Joseph Barth.
Was born Octavian Voicu.
Commemorations, 28 oct:
Ion IrimescuHas died Ion Irimescu.
Abigail AdamsHas died Abigail Adams.
John LockeHas died John Locke.
Alphonse AllaisHas died Alphonse Allais.
Ted HughesHas died Ted Hughes.

Co education, Famous quotes

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