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To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.

Isaac Newton - Action
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Celebrations, 03 sep:
Mihai CimpoiWas born Mihai Cimpoi.
Horia UngureanuWas born Horia Ungureanu.
Florian TroscotWas born Florian Troscot.
Valery OisteanuWas born Valery Oisteanu.
Ion DrutaWas born Ion Druta.
Iulian TanaseWas born Iulian Tanase.
Ovidiu DrimbaWas born Ovidiu Drimba.
Jean JauresWas born Jean Jaures.
Emil SimandanWas born Emil Simandan.
Was born Vasile Spoiala.
Commemorations, 03 sep:
Traian VuiaHas died Traian Vuia.
Edward CokeHas died Edward Coke.
Ivan TurghenievHas died Ivan Turgheniev.

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