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Never let a man imagine that he can pursue a good end by...

Robert Southey - Bad
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Celebrations, 16 sep:
Lauren BacallWas born Lauren Bacall.
Was born Andrei Roman.
Was born Roxana Sorescu.
Peter FalkWas born Peter Falk.
Nadia BoulangerWas born Nadia Boulanger.
Francis ParkmanWas born Francis Parkman.
Mickey RourkeWas born Mickey Rourke.
Was born Aurelia Batali.
Commemorations, 16 sep:
Ioan AlexandruHas died Ioan Alexandru.
Iosif IvanoviciHas died Iosif Ivanovici.
Jean PiagetHas died Jean Piaget.
Maria CallasHas died Maria Callas.

Quotes by Confucius about Respect

About author

Confucius, The greatest chinese philosopher

Life period: 551 i.Hr - 479 i.Hr
Origin country: China
Biography: -- more details

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Quotes Confucius, about Respect

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