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All the mistakes I ever made were when I wanted to say...

Moshe Dayan - Mistake
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Celebrations, 23 nov:
Şerban IonescuWas born Şerban Ionescu.
Grete TartlerWas born Grete Tartler.
Gilbert ParkerWas born Gilbert Parker.
Was born Ana Huiban.
Was born Stancu Ilin.
Commemorations, 23 nov:
Andre MalrauxHas died Andre Malraux.
Armand SalacrouHas died Armand Salacrou.
Hanns JohstHas died Hanns Johst.

Quotes by Confucius about Respect

About author

Confucius, The greatest chinese philosopher

Life period: 551 i.Hr - 479 i.Hr
Origin country: China
Biography: -- more details

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Quotes Confucius, about Respect

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