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I knew that a name didn't have to describe the music and...

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Celebrations, 17 nov:
Martin ScorseseWas born Martin Scorsese.
Danny DeVitoWas born Danny DeVito.
Was born Petre Isachi.
George MunteanWas born George Muntean.
Eugene WignerWas born Eugene Wigner.
Was born Titus Andronic.
Was born Benone Ghenciu.
Commemorations, 17 nov:
Emil RacovitaHas died Emil Racovita.
Magda IsanosHas died Magda Isanos.
Auguste RodinHas died Auguste Rodin.
Has died Anton Cosma.

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Alfred Nobel, Swedish chemist, creator of Nobel Prizes Foundation.

Alfred Nobel
Was born on: 21 Oct 1833. Died on 10 Dec 1896, at 63 years old.
Origin country: Sweden
Biography: Alfred Bernhard Nobel was a Swedish chemist, engineer,... more details

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Quotes Alfred Nobel

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