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I liked working in Germany and Austria. The money was...

Owen Hart - Unclasified
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Celebrations, 21 aug:
Toma CaragiuWas born Toma Caragiu.
Jules MicheletWas born Jules Michelet.
Geaza SzocsWas born Geaza Szocs.
Florin OncescuWas born Florin Oncescu.
Jean de RotrouWas born Jean de Rotrou.
Commemorations, 21 aug:
Eugen JebeleanuHas died Eugen Jebeleanu.

Mihai Ispirescu, Romanian writer

Mihai Ispirescu (1940)
Romanian writer

Was born on 20 mar 1940.

Romania (origin country)

Biography Mihai Ispirescu

Was born on 20 mar 1940.

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