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How to make God laugh: Tell him your future plans.

Woody Allen - God
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Celebrations, 28 nov:
Colea RautuWas born Colea Rautu.
Was born Virgil Diaconu.
Was born Marcel Muresan.
John BunyanWas born John Bunyan.
Stefan ZweigWas born Stefan Zweig.
Rita Mae BrownWas born Rita Mae Brown.
William BlakeWas born William Blake.
Glenn CloseWas born Glenn Close.
Was born Eugen Negrici.
Commemorations, 28 nov:
Martha BibescuHas died Martha Bibescu.
Eugenia BanuHas died Eugenia Banu.
Gustav FechnerHas died Gustav Fechner.

Ion Draganoiu, Romanian writer

Ion Draganoiu (1943)
Romanian writer

Was born on 06 jan 1943.

Romania (origin country)

Biography Ion Draganoiu

Was born on 06 jan 1943.

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