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The future is called perhaps, which is the only possible...

Tennessee Williams - Future
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Celebrations, 02 sep:
Bill ShanklyWas born Bill Shankly.
Was born Alexandru Dutu.
Henry GeorgeWas born Henry George.
Paul BourgetWas born Paul Bourget.
Was born Corina Mihaescu.
Damian UrecheWas born Damian Ureche.
Commemorations, 02 sep:
Douglas LawsonHas died Douglas Lawson.

Dinu Sararu, Romanian writerand literary critic

Dinu Sararu (1932)
Romanian writerand literary critic
Dinu Sararu

Was born on 30 jan 1932.

Romania (origin country)

Biography Dinu Sararu

Was born on 30 jan 1932.

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