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Power, as in the power structure, is why we are still...

Alexandra Paul - Power
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Celebrations, 18 apr:
Anatole FranceWas born Anatole France.
Was born Marius Tupan.
Clarence DarrowWas born Clarence Darrow.
Was born Gheorghe Iorga.
Was born Stefan Ioanid.
Was born Nicolae Mares.
Was born Ion Hurjui.
Was born Florin Gabrea.
Commemorations, 18 apr:
Albert EinsteinHas died Albert Einstein.
Marcel PagnolHas died Marcel Pagnol.

Dinu Sararu, Romanian writerand literary critic

Dinu Sararu (1932)
Romanian writerand literary critic
Dinu Sararu

Was born on 30 jan 1932.

Romania (origin country)

Biography Dinu Sararu

Was born on 30 jan 1932.

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