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Products made in China are cheap through the exploitation...

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Celebrations, 18 sep:
Was born Valeriu Senic.
Valeriu SarbuWas born Valeriu Sarbu.
Greta GarboWas born Greta Garbo.
Andrei OisteanuWas born Andrei Oisteanu.
Samuel JohnsonWas born Samuel Johnson.
Was born Dumitru Balan.
Was born Ion Lazar.
Commemorations, 18 sep:
William HazlittHas died William Hazlitt.
Corita KentHas died Corita Kent.

Dinu Sararu, Romanian writerand literary critic

Dinu Sararu (1932)
Romanian writerand literary critic
Dinu Sararu

Was born on 30 jan 1932.

Romania (origin country)

Biography Dinu Sararu

Was born on 30 jan 1932.

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