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Life itself is the proper binge.

Julie Child - Life
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Celebrations, 01 nov:
Nicolas BoileauWas born Nicolas Boileau.
Was born Gabriel Iuga.
Stephen CraneWas born Stephen Crane.
Was born George Boitor.
Was born Eugen Uricaru.
Commemorations, 01 nov:
Dale CarnegieHas died Dale Carnegie.
Elsa MaxwellHas died Elsa Maxwell.
Has died Mihai Dragan.
Alfred JarryHas died Alfred Jarry.
Alfred CapusHas died Alfred Capus.
Has died Bianca Balota.

Dinu Sararu, Romanian writerand literary critic

Dinu Sararu (1932)
Romanian writerand literary critic
Dinu Sararu

Was born on 30 jan 1932.

Romania (origin country)

Biography Dinu Sararu

Was born on 30 jan 1932.

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