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My mother taught me that when you stand in the truth and...

Whitney Houston - Unclasified
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Celebrations, 24 jul:
Was born Aurelia Lapusan.
Alexander DumasWas born Alexander Dumas.
Amelia EarhartWas born Amelia Earhart.
Frank WedekindWas born Frank Wedekind.
Robert GravesWas born Robert Graves.
Was born Emil Mladin.
Commemorations, 24 jul:
Sacha GuitryHas died Sacha Guitry.
Paul MorandHas died Paul Morand.

Constantin Radulescu-Motru, Romanian philosopher, psychologist

Constantin Radulescu-Motru (1868 - 1957)
(Constantin Rãdulescu-Motru)
Romanian philosopher, psychologist
Constantin Radulescu-Motru

Was born on 15 feb 1868.
Died on 06 mar 1957, at 89 years old.

Romania (origin country)

Biography Constantin Radulescu-Motru

Member and Director of the Romanian Academy.

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